PHP and MySQL are the most popular web application combination in use today. With 12 years of PHP/MySQL experience under my belt, I bring vast knowledge and experience with this one-two punch combination.

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SQL Server is a dominant database server in many business segments. My extensive database design, setup, administration and data migration/integration experience with SQL Server lends itself nicely to any development projects.
Unix is a rock-solid server operating system. Having worked with various flavours of Unix, I am very comfortable living on the command line and making things happen. I have experience as a Linux Instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
HTML has been the backbone of the World Wide Web since it's inception. I've been skilled at HTML since 1997, and continue to maintain my skills as the markup language continues to add tremendous new funtionality. The new features in HTML5, such as Mobile App and Local Storage are VERY exciting!
Development standards for the web are established by the World Wide Web Consortium. I apply those W3C standards to all of my development projects.
JQuery is a javascript toolkit that helps enhance the user experience. Offshoots of this amazing toolkit, JQuery UI and JQuery Mobile are also widely used in my development projects.
Abode Livecycle is a fantastic tool for creating dynamic interactive PDF forms. I have experience writing code behind the scenes to make PDFs truly useful!